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Kiwi Overseas Services (fondly called KIWI) is a leading Overseas Educational Consultant providing educational opportunities to students worldwide.Kiwi Overseas Services (fondly called KIWI) is a leading Overseas Educational Consultant providing educational opportunities to students worldwide. Overseas Services (fondly called KIWI)

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  • Yashwanth Reddy

    Mine was a very bad case; having been rejected once already by the Visa Consulate, I was very nervous and extremely pessimistic about my chances again the second time around. I approached Srikanth / Kiwi Overseas due to a friend’s recommendation and I must say from the moment I walked into the office & met him, I could already see the silver lining. Their warm & friendly atmosphere, honest & outspoken attitude, and most importantly genuine determination to help students turned things around for me. With just 5.5 bands I was able to get my AIP for level 6 & 7 in a Business Diploma program.

  • Prashanth Vedula

    Incomplete Btech & with 6 years of gap, work experience was ensure if I would ever be able to study abroad anywhere…..yet I DID!! Got my Visa to NZ through KIWI….Honest, Uncomplicated, Transparent, & Total Solutions!! Thank you KIWI!

  • Raghavendra Ayili

    With the assistance of Kiwi I was able to not only get my AIP for Network Engineering Level 6 program, but was also able to complete my program in NZ. Post that when I was visiting India on a short break, the most dreadful event occurred “the earthquake in New Zealand”. Like everyone, I was very scared and uncertain of my future. My work visa was also coming to an end. Srikanth Kadiyala went above and beyond any other consultant would, and helped me in getting a Visa extension. I was able to procure an IT job and currently have applied for my PR. Trust me guys, there’s no other like Kiwi Overseas Services.

  • Sandra Jagadeesh

    Exams & I just don’t get along. Wrote my IELTS at least 3-4times but could never score greater than 5 bands, was always doubtful, will I or won’t I get an opportunity to study abroad. Guess what???!!! I did get the break, a million thanks to Kiwi for fulfilling my dreams. I am doing my Hospitality course today & leading a life I always wanted.

  • Srikanth Pochampally

    Dreams of studying abroad has been in my mind ever since I can remember but my dreams were crushed when my Canadian Student Visa Application was refused. Extremely disappointed & dejected I approached Kiwi with no hopes, but very proud to tell you that I am in Auckland today with my PR which I received within 1 & ½ years of completion of my program. Kiwi Overseas esp. Srikanth Kadiyala are the best in business, they keep things simple, straightforward, transparent, and honest with students.

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